Kyla Hill #48

The world was just getting back up on it's feet after the Great Depression. WW11 had started and the U.S. was staying neutral. The world was at war and just when they thought things were getting better things were just getting worse.
Adolf Hitler was the dictator of Germany at the time of the war, he wanted Germany to come out the ruines. He blamed the Jews for Germany's troubles and wanted to wipe the Jews of the face of the earth. He was an evil man he wanted to kill people and send them to consentration camps to be tortured.
Benito Mussolini was the dictator of Italy during the war, he was on the axis powers. He created the Fascist party in 1919 which led him to be dictator in Italy he died in 1945.
Francisco Franco was the dictator of Spain during the war. He lead a successful military throughout the war (1936-1939).
Joseph Stalin took control of the Soviet Union. He helped the Soviet Union for than two decades, he modernized Russia and helped deafeat the Nazism.
Hideki Tojo was the general of Japan and was named prime minister of Japan when the war started. He led Japan because of his own political abilities.
America stayed neutral for a part of the war. If was December, 1941 when Hawaii was attacked by Japan at Peral Harbor, 2,000 soilder were killed and 68 civilians were killed in the attack. The U.S. had declared war on Japan and German and Italy had declared war the U.S.
In conclusion World War Two was a well faught battle, even though many lives were lost we will still remember our veterans who faught for us.

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