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Ole Miss is very famous for its beautiful campus, but the most favorable part of it is "The Grove." Every year the grove goes through many destructive things but it always come out picture perfect in the end.

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During the football season many fans use the grove for the famous Ole Miss tailgating. The once clean, beautiful, and green grove becomes the dirty, trashed, and trampled grove.

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So everyone wonders, how do they do it? Ole Miss landscapers work very hard to keep the 10 acres beautiful and green.

"We use special Bermuda green grass for the grove, we keep it mowed and we have student organizations and teams to help clean after the games," said Sam Johnson the supervisor of UM landscaping.
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Although after games when the grove looks a mess, the day after it is back looking majestic and green.

"It takes us about maybe 2 to 3 hours to clean after football games," said Sam Johnson
Photo by Amber McClellan The Grove is the most used part of campus. Students walk through the grass, practice on it, play on it, and party on it, but the landscapers of Ole Miss makes it look like it was never touched.
"It is pretty amazing how the grove seems to transform over night from ugly to nice," said Candace Alexander, 19.
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