Bridge Final Project By: jake Burgess, Teddy limbert, & Matty Meier

Our Plan

Our plan was to make a beam bridge with all the support in the bridge so then it wouldn't compress and would hold a lot of weight.

Description of our First Bridge

This is our bridge. In this bridge, our thought was to make a strong and sturdy beam bridge. To accomplish this we decided to put layers upon layers of popsicle sticks on top of each other to reduce the amount of compression. We hoped that this would make for a strong bridge that would hold lots of weight.
This was the weakest point of our bridge because we didn't add as much support and glue as we should of at that point
These parts will help our bridge last because the bridge is very compact with good amount of glue and we even stuck sticks inside the bridge to give it more support and durability
Our bridge will tried to compress down , but the sticks inside the bridge will not allow it to compress.

This our bridge being tested

It Held 31 Pounds


Our 2nd Plan

Our 2nd Plan was to make a truss bridge that had a base of a beam bridge. We hoped that combining a truss and a beam bridge would make for a very strong bridge that could hold lots of weight.

Description of Our 2nd Bridge

This is our second bridge design. In this new design we decided to incorporate both a beam bridge and a truss bridge. We notice that other beam bridges worked very well alone and other truss bridges worked very well alone. So we had the idea to combine both bridge designs to create the ultimate bridge.

The first change we made was turning the sticks horizontally so then it is harder for them to snap than if they were vertically

The second change we made to our bridge was making trusses to give the bridge more support on the sides and to hold the bridge's base

This was the weakest point of our bridge because we didn't add as much support and the sticks were very crooked.
The trusses will give the most support because they will hold the whole bridge up and hopefully hold a lot of weight
The top of the bridge will compress, but the trusses will help keep the bridge up to hold more weight

This is our 2nd Bridge Being Tested

It Held 81 Pounds


In Conclusion, we took a lot away from our first bridge in order to make our second bridge better. We turned the sticks horizontally so it would be harder for the sticks to snap. We made trusses so it will help the bridge stay into place and to be the bridge's main support.

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