Urbana Literary & Arts Magazine Miami Dade College Eduardo J. Padron Campus

Urbana is the literary and arts magazine for the Eduardo J. Padron Campus, which serves as an outlet for creative expression for every student on campus. Contributors are encouraged to express their thoughts and emotions with no censorship or filter.

This year we had a goal to increase student engagement on our campus. During the school year, we organized a strategy to increase the interconnectedness between the student body and the magazine.

Through on campus events, messaging groups, news alerts, and social media platforms, we kept the student body informed and engaged.

To further achieve this goal we created, "UrbanArts," a social media campaign which went on for ten days. This campaign brought student engagement during the tough COVID-19 quarantine. Every day we connected with the students with content that could make their stay at home productive and active for the mind!


Quarantine and social distancing could be frustrating. We shared productive ways to cope with it.

Day Two

Recipe Tuesday- We brought activities to do for the whole family and connecting with our audience through polls.

Day Three

Day Four

Social Media is powerful. We like to use it for positive impact. We share platforms that post productive, positive, and interesting content

Day Five

We shared stories written by our student contributors!

Day Six


Day Seven

Sharing mental health tips

Day Eight

Day Nine

Spreading tips on how to deal with anxiety and anxiety-friendly platforms

Day Ten

A recap of the campaign
We are proud to use our platform to spread positivity and helpful information for our audience during this global pandemic!
Urbana staff members unite in the midst of a global pandemic and quarantine through the power of music. Though we are physically separated, we are united and lending our hand with a message of hope. The power of music, community, and storytelling is limitless. Take our hand. Together we can with this fight.

Social Media Manager- Barbara Silvera Ramirez