Pat Tillman Luke Danby

One of Pats core values Is loyalty he shows this on page 130, this is when the Rams wanted to sign him for a boatload of money he declined because he wanted to stay with the Cardinals. "They believed in me. I love the coaches here. I cant bring myself to take the offer from the Rams."

Another core value is that he was a risk-taker. "Pat pondered the leap for a while...but it wasn't pretty."(p.103) This was when he was hiking with Kevin and decided to jump of the ledge they were on to a tree top.

The last core value that I found was service. He was given the chance for an early discharge from the army but he decided to stay. "Tillman replied that he was flattered by the interest... but got nowhere."(p.257)

Freedom: I can do what ever I want, when I want, and with who I want.

Happiness: I always try to forget about the bad days and paint a smile on, even if its the fakest thing id rather not give amo to let people try and talk bad about me. Its easier to get threw your day if there is a smile on it.

Truth: I speak my mind no matter what it is. I don't say anything about anyone that I wouldn't say to there face no matter how bad it is.

Family: In my house we are all very close I can go to my family about anything and I know they'll have my back.

Friends: In the school district of Nashoba threw all the elementary to middle school then high school. I've been able to count my real friends on one hand there are a lot of people that are not your friends and there the ones that you can see freshman year. I'll never see most of the people ever again in the rest of my life and I'm totally fine with that.


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