Tattoos On The Heart By: kaitlin Faber

Preface and Introduction: Dolores Mission and Homeboy Industries.

The preface really spoke to me. I've never read a book wrote by a priest. I thought that the book was going to be horrible to be honest, but I was surprised. It was an actually very intriguing. It really got to me when I started reading the introduction, and on the second page it said that he has buried 167 people. That is just so sad. My favorite story comes from the introduction. When father G says that someone called the Industry, after they had changed their message machine to say “Thank you for calling Homeboy Industries. Your bomb threat is important to us” (Boyle 2). And then the girl on the receiving side says “Go ahead and bring that bomb you mutha ******”. I found that hilarious that someone would actually say that as a joke. I think the main theme of the chapter so far is just that it's okay to get mad but not to burn things down and to make bomb threats.

Chapter 1: God, I Guess

Chapter 1 is really where I got into the book. I admit it can be a little confusing because so many things are happening in the chapter. My favorite story from this chapter is the story about Willy. I really love Willys personality. The story starts out with Willy who is just getting off work and he's a hungry guy so he asks father Greg for 20 dollars. Father Greg decides to go check out the ATM to get some money. Father G decides to leave Willy in the car and while Willy is in the car he yells at Father G asking him for the keys. Father G just tells him to pray. Now when he said that I was like “oh, he's not going to pray” but then when I read that he was quiet and reflective I was surprised. But then what I read was even more surprising, Willy was tearing up and crying because God told him he was “firme”. That meant a lot to me, that one man who seems all tough and excited cries because God said he was “firme”. I think the main theme of this chapter is to pray to god. Even if God says something so little it can me so much.

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace

Now chapter 2. When I read the title I thought of Dis-grace, and how maybe it was a typo. Then I kept reading and I got upon the story of Danny. The kid who throws firecrackers in the bathroom. He is “cornered by shame and disgraced” (Boyle 46). He is disgraced I think in the fact that he lied to father G and said that he did not do it. But even though he lied I think I would've have done it too, to be honest. I also like to story about lula. It's very sad. But my favorite thing lula does is when he is all happy and excited to show G his report card. It read all F’s and I thought that was funny that he was excited to show him it even though it had all F’s. Then Father G reads more and sees Absences: 0. Something that simple can make him so happy, and I'm sure he was really happy when he realized that he didn't miss any days. I think the main theme of this chapter was that you should forgive people. People do bad things and might not admit it but God knows and it's okay to forgive people.

Chapter 3: Compassion

Compassion. I never really understood what compassion really met. I had a general idea but after this reading I think I have a better idea. It never really gave an example but just because that one guy stood up and told everyone what his definition of compassion is. Just as the book said “He had room for everybody in his compassion”. “He” is referring to Jesus. Jesus wants the best for everyone and did everything he could, I want to do that. This chapter had one of the saddest story in the book to me. The death of Benito. Benito was a fun little kid. Him and Father G even had their own jokes like “Your the real deal”. I don't think Benito deserved to die. It's sad that Father G had to bury so many people, especially little kids. I think the main theme of this chapter is just to be humble. You should not be proud and show it to everyone. Jesus had a room in his heart for us, so we should make room for him.

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