Virtual CHS Art Showcase 2020-2021 Catonsville high School

The 2020-2021 school year was like nothing any of us had experienced before. Teachers and students were pushed and pulled in all directions and forced to learn new technology, new ways of teaching and learning. As we began 100% virtual, the art department had to find ways to get art supplies to students. This became many hours of making supply bags for each of our courses, so students at least had some supplies each day in their art courses. We all learned to compromise and utilize substitutes for tools and supplies that we did not have access to. When we merged back into the school building with hybrid teaching and learning, somehow, we all adapted. Together, we still made art. This year more than ever, we needed to have a voice to express since we were living in a world that was unfamiliar and unsafe. I want to thank all the teachers in the art department: Brittany Armstrong, Anna Deskins, Al Grosso and Julie Stiltz for their unrelenting efforts and push to keep going this year. The CHS art department made sure to still provide day to day lessons for students with a smile on our faces, even when we did not feel so confident. I want to thank the students for their patience when technology was not working in our favor, as well as their drive to still make art. All in all, we did it. Somehow everyone just went with the flow, kept our heads up and went forward. Together, we still made art. A special thanks also goes out to our principal Mr. Ames. As many times as I had to ask for yet another distribution day, he was always behind us saying go for it. Thank you, Mr. Ames for leading all of us in unprecedented times with honesty and integrity. We are all so proud of the work that was created by our students this year. It just goes to show that no matter what the circumstances, students still want to express and make art. It is human nature. Lastly, thank you parents. You were there, behind the scenes, pushing the children to keep working each day when it almost felt impossible at times. We got through this year from the support of our school and community, and for that we thank everyone. <3

Now, I present to you, this year’s first ever Virtual CHS ART Showcase 2020-2021!

Windy Spiridigliozzi

Art Department Chair

Jim Dine