Egyptian Mythology Most half Animal half human

What the egyptians belived

The ancient Egyptians were a unique culture that participated in polytheism. This means they worshipped multiple gods. Some of the gods were Horus, Set, Thoth, Khnum, Hathor, Sobek, Ra, Amon, Path, Anubis, Osiris, and Isis. These are details about them.

Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis. He was known as the sky god. He was closely related to the pharaoh. He was pictured as a man with a falcon’s head. In Egyptian his name means the distant one.

Set is also known as Seth. He was the enemy of Horus and Osiris. He was known as the god of the storm. He was also known as the god of disorder. The translation of his name is unknown.

Thoth was the god of the moon. He was also the god of writing, counting, wisdom, knowledge, measurement, the alphabet, records, thought, intelligence, meditation, the mind, logic, reason, reading, hieroglyphics, magic, secrets, and scribes. He was one of the major gods. He also went by other names in the myths of ancient civilizations.

Khnum was a ram god. He was the god of water. He also was the god who shaped man. His name means join. His full name is Khafra and Menkaura.

Hathor is the goddess of love birth and death. She is the Egyptian goddess that made the principals of love, beauty, music, dance, mother hood, and joy. She was one of the most important and popular deities. She was worshiped by royalty.

Sobek the crocodile god. He is the lord of the faiyum. He was a man that had a crocodile head. He protected the people traveling the nile river from crocodiles.

Ra was the sun god. He was believed to have many forms. He has a sun disk widget resting on his head. He has a falcon head. By the fifth dynasty he became one of the major gods.

Amon was a creator god. He was mostly linked with Ra. He was king of the gods. With Osiris, Amon-Re is the most widely recorded of the Egyptian gods.

Path was a creator god. He is the patron god of craftsmen. He fashioned the universe though harmonics.

Anubis was the god of mummification. He has a head of a jackal. He was the most important god of the dead.

Osiriswas the god of agriculture. He was the ruler of the Dead. He was the father of Horus. He was also the husband of Isis.

Isis was the goddess of fertility. She was the mother of Horus. She was also the wife of Osiris. She was the mistress of magic.

The Egyptian gods and goddesses played an important role in the Egytians lives. They helped them in their daily lives by helping them grow crops and protecting them.

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