Hector Zeroni character arc of zero from the book holes, by Lucy Carli


The personality and nature of Hector Zeroni (Zero) of the book Holes goes through many changes of character. I think that his character changes over the course of the book by meeting Stanley, Stanley teaching him how to read, and Stanley following him after he runs away.

Answering the Question/Explaination (Paragragh One)

One way Zero changes in the book is when he meets Stanley. I think this is because when Stanley arrives and isn't outright mean to Zero because he doesn't like to talk or answer to people he starts to warm up to him. Stanley also gives Zero someone to confide in and this marks the begining of Zero becoming less of his shy and quiet self and into someone who would care about others openly. I believe Zero comes to trust Stanley and that is one of the reasons he comes to ask Stanley to read.

Quote "It was the first time he had ever seen Zero smile. He usually had such an angry expression on his face. Now he had such a huge smile it almost seemed too big for his face." (Sachar:1998)

Answering/Explaining (Paragraph Two)

Another way I think Zero changes is when Stanley agrees to teach him to read. Not only does Zero learn from a patient Stanley, Stanley also learns a lot about Zero. We glean that Zero is a quick learner and acually very smart. I think he developed in this scene because he offers to dig Stanley's hole. This shows Zero begin to trust Stanley and feels like he should help him.

Quote: "I'll dig part of your hole for your every day. I can dig for about an hour, then you can teach me for an hour. And since I'm a faster digger anyway, our holes will get dug at about the same time. I won't have to wait for you."(Sachar:1998)

Answer/Explain (Paragragh Three)

Lastly, Zero also shows a change in character when Stanley leaves Camp Green Lake in persuit of him. When Stanley meets him by the boat named Mary Lou, I think that Zero finally goes fully through the change of being more trusting. He tells Stanley about his mom which we can infer that he has never told anyone. He even tells Stanley that he originally stole Clyde Livingston's shoes knowing that it could damage his friendship with him. He also becomes brave over the story not only more open and trusting.

Quote: "Zero spoke softly as if searching his brain for clues." (Sachar:1998)


Zero goes through many turning points that lead him to be more open and trusting throughout the book, those being, meeting Stanley, Stanley teaching him to read, and Stanley going after Zero when he abandons Camp Green Lake.


Stanley had much to do with the change in Zero's character and this is because Stanley poses as a trusting figure in his life that we can infer he has not had since his mother went missing. When Stanley helps him in a way that Zero has probably not had since his mother he begins to open up and help Stanley for the kindness he has shown and the norishment he offers.

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