Wedding Album Treasured Memories to last a lifetime

Heirloom Albums

Do you remember when you were younger finding a box of old family photos? Those old crinkled ones where your mum and dad were babies and your grandparents looked so young.

Can you remember looking at the fashions and laughing, making you smile and bringing back forgotten memories of the people you love? This is why photos are important and why creating an album of the photos that mean the most to you is something you will never regret doing.

In years to come, it will be your children and grandchildren looking through them with those same faces of love and adoration

Choosing photos for your album

This might seem like the most daunting thing in the world. Where do you start with your wedding photos? What do you pick for the album? Which ones to put in and which ones to leave out?

You have a USB filled with hundreds of amazing images, covering all aspects of your wedding day from the smallest detail to intimate portraits.

Your wedding album should reflect the day and tell the story of your day from start to finish.

You want to have a mix of the natural, candid images, the portraits, the details and the group shots.

It’s also important to make sure the album looks right and flows well, a beginning, middle and end, part of this is the balance of image types.

Too many or too few of each type of image and the album just won’t work. I love to create some pace by mixing busy montage style layouts with gorgeous stopper pages with just one image.

I like to work with you to make sure the album I design and create is just perfect. The starting point is to choose approximately 60 must-have images.

Your chosen photos should cover the range of the day, some from the getting ready bits, some from the ceremony, some from the reception, speeches and guest and finally a few from the first dance and evening.

I would pick the ones that include people (after all, you know the guests at your wedding much better than I do) and also choose some of the detail shots and the venue to add. It’s so important when choosing images that you choose the ones you completely love.

Don’t feel you’re obliged to add people or lots of groups if you don’t want them. This is your album and it must be something you want to look at for the rest of your lives.

So, take the time out from your day, just the two of you, get a cup of tea and sit down and look through the photos. From putting on the dress, fun with the bridal party, the I do’s, to the toasts, the just married portrait shots, let’s display your beautiful story in a beautiful book.

Let's Get Started

You can select your most loved photographs from your online gallery. Next to each picture is a heart icon. If you click this, it will go to a Favourites folder. Add as many as you like into this folder, then go back through the Favourites and you will see if you have some that are similar. A good album tells a story, so try not to pick too many similar images. For a 30 page album, I ask for approximately 60 pictures

Don't worry if you struggle to cut it down to 60 exactly. Still let me know you have decided on your favourites and I can work with them. We can add extra pages into your album and sometimes just one or two extra pages is enough.

Now you have your Favourites, let me know! I work directly from this folder. This takes away any confusion with written numbers, and I can see the images you want me to work with

From your favourite images, I then start on the layout of the album. Working out the best way to display your photos on the page. I like white space around pictures and I don't like to overload the pages. So sometimes you will see some bigger white gaps. We call this negative space.

Once I have created a layout of your album, I will contact you with a link to view it online. At this stage you can make comments on each page if you want to change or tweak things. There are up to 3 rounds of changes included in your album design. Any further sets of changes will be charged at £10 per individual amendment.

If you select more than 60 images, don't worry, your album can go up to a maximum of 80 pages. So we can look at adding more pages to your album to keep your most loved images in. You may find that with the photos you have chosen that one or two extra pages are enough. Extra pages are £30 per double, £250 for 10. 20+ p.o.a

That's the pictures for the inside but you also need to choose the outside colour, fabric and personalisation. We're nearly there, honest

Bespoke Album Design

Are you at a complete loss, overwhelmed with where to start? Then my Bespoke Album Design Service may be the answer. Let me create your Album for you. Just tell me you 5 Must Have photos to include in the layout, and I will select the rest. I will create your wedding story in album format. You still get to proof it, and make changes before it goes off to print. This exclusive design service is £300


Beautiful, modern and timeless perfectly describe this selection of fabrics and coverings.


Classic and beautiful Italian Leather or synthetic Leather-like

White Embossing, Gold Embossing, Laser Etching, Cameo

*Only Clear embossing available on White Leathers/ Laser etching not possible on Sky Blue, Jade & Blush


Classic bookbinding Linen cloth available in a beautiful of colours. Most of the standard natural linens are smooth to touch

White Embossing, Gold Embossing, Cameo, Overprint White, Overprint Black, Overprint Gold, Overprint Silver


Natural, hand woven linens in exquisite colours. The uneven fabric texture makes every cover unique.

Gold Embossing, Cameo, Overprint White, Overprint Black, Overprint Gold, Overprint Silver


Beautiful hand loomed organic silk fabric from India.

White Embossing, Gold Embossing, Cameo


Wonderfully soft, yet hard-wearing texture polyester fabric. So easy to fall in love with. A great animal friendly alternative.

White Embossing, Gold Embossing, Cameo

Cover Personalisation

Please note that some personalisations are not available in all cover types


One of our most popular personalisation options, a cameo cover has an aperture cut out of the front cover to display a specially laminated photograph of your choosing.

Available for: All fabrics except leather like.Available for: All fabrics except leatherlike.


Embossing is the process of stamping a brass type into the fabric at great pressure and temperature leaving the letters permanently impressed into the surface of the cover.

Font Type Used: Futura PT Book 9mm

Characters: A-Z 0-9 . - & or “!” to print “♥” Colors: Plain, Gold, White

Embossing looks great on leather!

Please contact me for a price for a Custom Stamp, many things will have to be taken into consideration before this can go ahead.


By using focused laser beam, we are able to burn into the fabric, wood or leather.

The final effect depends on several variables including fabric type


A special foil is bonded with the linen. Similar to embossing but it doesn't dent the cover and is flat.

Available in gold, silver, white, black.

Very popular option

Upgrades and Parent Albums

The album included in your Collection is an 8x8 layflat album, which is just beautiful. This album comes in a Linen covered box as illustrated in the photo or a matching colour box (not available in leather or leatherlike).

You can also upgrade the size of your album. Here are the options

  • 20x20cm 8x8" - Included in Album Collection if Bought out of Collection - £695
  • 20x30cm 8x12" - £595 in Collection / £795 out of Collection
  • 25x25cm 10x10"- £595 in Collection / £795 out of Collection
  • 25x37.5cm 10x14"-£655 in Collection / £855 out of Collection
  • 30x30cm 12x12"- £695 in Collection / £895 out of Collection
  • 30x40cm 12x16" - £695 in Collection / £895 out of Collection
  • 30x45cm 12x18" - £725 in Collection / £925 out of Collection

The first price is the price of the album if purchased before your Wedding day and part of your Collection.

Ask me about matching downsized parent albums or the NEW Prima Book. Perfect for parents or an additional album