Canbury School Newsletter 23rd November 2018. issue 142

Dear Parents and Visitors

We had a marvellous House event this week involving balloons, cream and doughnuts - more details from our House Coordinator Miss Ross further in this newsletter. It was great to see all the students supporting their House competitors so enthusiastically. Perhaps it was the anticipation of their House winning all the chocolates . . .

Today students from Years 11 -13 attended Skills London at the ExCel Centre. This two day exhibition is billed as the UK's biggest jobs and careers event for 15-24 year olds.

Employers, universities, colleges and training providers showcase their opportunities at this enormous event, where our students were able to discover potential career paths through interactive, inspirational activities and demonstrations. The event is designed to help young people visually bridge the gap between what they enjoy doing and what they could potentially do as a career.

We've dropped the photo in again from the top, so you can see everybody clearly.

Canbury students turn their thoughts to future career paths at Skills London 2018 today.

'Greece' is the word on the lips of lots of students in school but we do need parents to register their interest with the school office, if their child is interested in going on the overseas trip in October 2019. The more students who go, the greater reduction in the costs. Registering your interest does not at this stage commit your child to anything. It just allows us to get a quote based on potential numbers.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Zac for 100% in his week 9 Parallel.org challenge in Mathematics. Ross for 100% in his week 8 Parallel.org challenge. Week 10 is out this week.

Flora for completing 11 questions in Mathematics today. Fantastic work Flora!

Zac and Adam for coming to Drama with a great attitude, having learnt some of their lines and trusting themselves to act out some of the scenes without their scripts!

The whole group for a great rehearsal and focus in both Drama and Music this week. Very well done to you all.

Year 8

True for excellent participation and attitude in Drama, taking on his role quickly and coming up with some fantastic improvised lines on the spot.

Lucas, Phoebe and Alannah for their excellent work on stem and leaf diagrams in the Year 8 Mathematics group this week.

Ottile for her best score of 92% in a Parallel.org challenge in Mathematics as well as success on ten Year 8 Mathematics skills, on ixl.com. Week 10 is out this week.

Harry A for success on ten Year 8 Mathematics skills, on ixl.com.

Harry L for success on 15 Year 8 Mathematics skills, on ixl.com.

Alannah for success on 20 Year 8 Mathematics skills, on ixl.com.

All of Year 8 for their excellent lesson in PSHE on identities and how we view ourselves.

Year 9

Oskar for having an excellent attitude in Drama, working as an assistant director, taking down notes about props and blocking, and encouraging the actors with their rehearsal.

Alex W for success on 45 Year 9 Mathematics skills on ixl.com.

Year 10

Rosie for an excellent attitude and focus in Performing Arts this week.

Matthew for contributing more of his ideas and doing some fabulous homework.

Alex B for some excellent written work this week when he wrote a critical comparison of two texts on the theme of young homelessness.

Alex B for success on ten Year 10 Mathematics skills on ixl.com.

Well done to Joe and Cate for scores of 70% on their CompleteMaths papers.


Writes Mr Barnes: "On Wednesday our Key Stage 4 boys participated in the second SSSSA football tournament of the year. Out of the five games our A team played, they won two (scoring 10 goals in those games!), drew two and lost one. Our B team had a tough afternoon but they never gave up and were competitive in all of their matches. Overall the boys had a great afternoon and did themselves, and the school, proud."

The KS4 football squad, who did themselves and Canbury proud this week.

KS4 football squad: Joe H (capt), Chris S, Miles J, James B, Pascal Mc, Oscar P, Felix P, Faysal H, Ben H, Alex B.

KS3 at Surrey Inclusive Schools Football Tournament

Writes Mr Orchard: "The B team played really well - but came up against two strong teams in League 2 and lost 0-3, 0-4 to them. However, they were not disheartened - and then had a super 1-1 draw and a narrow 0-1 loss.

KS3 'B' team: Shaaiyon, Jack (capt), Harry, Ross, Adam, True, Kyrell.

KS3 B team.

The A Team lost three matches 0-1, 0-1, 1-2 - so all very close indeed. However the A Team lead by captain Shiroxley beat The Wandle School 3-1 and also had two draws 1-1 with Woodfield and 2-2 with St Phillips. I was very impressed with all members of the A Team who played without a sub until the last game...

KS3 'A' team: Oskar, Alex, Shiroxley (capt), Lucas, Kiran.

KS3 A team.

In other sports news, our resident mermaid Caitlin has been awarded the Kingston Borough Disability Sports Achiever Award this year. Way to go Caitlin! Although Caitlin received her award from Mr Orchard, also in attendance on the night was GB sculler Charles Cousins, who raced in the men's quad in the London 2012 Olympic final.

It's all going on for Caitlin.

Then on Monday Caitlin attended the ISA London West Swimming competition, where she won her 50m para freestyle race, meaning she will be competing in the ISA National Finals next Saturday at the LAC, the Olympic Pool. She was supported by Elena, her LSA. Caitlin will be training at the Olympic pool on Sunday to prepare for the race next week. Good luck Caitlin!

Apparently you can email ISA and send a message cheering Caitlin on. Your message will appear on the large screens at the LAC during the races. Do pop across to the ISA website should you wish to do so.

House News

As you can see from the accompanying pictures, a very entertaining house event took place this week on a very rainy Tuesday lunchtime. Thanks must go to Miss Ross, who devised and put on the event, with help from a number of staff.

Joe gives his all to the House competition (and the doughnut).

Miss Ross writes: "Noble, Campbell and Johnson competed in a house code breaking event involving solving riddles, popping balloons, unscrambling words, plunging their faces in cream to dig out lollies and eating doughnuts off a string. The students worked in small groups within their house to complete various different challenges, each of which earned them a number. Once the first team had collected all four numbers they would use them to unlock a padlock and redeem the PRIZE!!


After Joe devoured a doughnut faster than I thought was humanly possible, his team (Rhian, Kyrell and Carl) broke the code and won the competition for Johnson. Campbell was very close behind in second place with Margaux and Flora frantically trying to put the numbers back in order to break the code. Thanks to all the students who got involved in this event, it was great to see the amazing house spirit, teamwork and most importantly fun, had by all!


Meet the member of staff

In which we meet a member of staff of the Canbury family. This week it's the turn of English teacher Mr Natt, who claims he won't be on the naughty list this Christmas and who would be found on a desert island leafing through the songs and sonets of John Donne. Read on.......

Mr Natt getting into the House Competition.

If you were allowed only one book to keep forever - just one - what would it be?

The Songs and Sonets of John Donne.

Best thing about working at Canbury?

Knowing the students so well.

Kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

Being supported in our tribunal case against the local authority to help get our autistic son into the right school. We were supported pro bono by an organisation in North London who specialised in taking on autism tribunal cases. I do not believe they still exist.

When you were a little boy, what job did you hope to do when you grew up?

When's young? For a while I wanted to be a scientist. I thought I would teach from age six or seven. I've always wanted to write.

Three things on your bucket list?

I don't have a bucket list. A bucket?

What would you tell your 12 year old self?

It's okay; you're not turning into a fish.

What makes Mr Natt tick? Maybe not fish, but definitely John Donne and some wine.

Top time saving tip?

Identify the dead times which you don't use.

Favourite way to unwind/relax/calm down?

A meal with friends.

A happy memory from your childhood?

Going across the fields at the back of my childhood home.

Were you ever naughty at school?

Yes. But generally I was very good.

Will you be on the Christmas naughty list this year?


If the answer is "no", what are you hoping Fr Christmas will bring you?

A bottle of rare wine.





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