Jackson County By: Shelby snopak P.4 3/15/17

Jackson County Court House

Court House located in Maqouketa, IA

Jackson County has a population of 679, 996

Some of Jackson County's major cities are: -Preston -Andrew -Baldwin -Miles

Jackson County was named after Andrew Jackson, also 7th president of the United Sates

The distance from Albia, IA to Jackson County , IA is 3 hours and 20 minutes

Jackson County has many great things. One of the most would be the Jackson County fair. They also have a Historical Museum, Art Museum, and the Iowa Grape Vines Winery

Jackson County is divided into 18 townships some are Butler, Fairfield, and Iowa Creek

I've told you what's in Jackson County, the population, some of the major cities, and where it's located


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