Pneumonia By: Sean and David

Pneumonia is a disease that fills your lungs with fluid making it harder to breath, as well as many other symptoms, caused by getting viruses, although it can be vaccinated, you can get rid of it if you take antibiotics. In our Spark you will learn the in's and out's of Pneumonia.

What's in your lungs

Pneumonia is a disease that you can get when you get one of these viruses influenza, flu, and adenovirus, but this is just a short list there are many more

The symptoms of pneumonia include difficulty breathing, fever, cough, chills, wheezing, loss of appetite, exhaustion, chest or abdominal pain, and vomiting, you get these because your air sacks are being filled with liquid making it hard to breathe.

There are vaccines for Pneumonia, but if you are unfortunate enough to get it you can take antibiotic medicine in order to stop it

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