Middle East Murray

Saudi Arabia's OPEC decided to cut the production of their oil. Therefore driving the prices of oil barrels dramatically high. Almost over $50 per barrel to be precise.

Egyptian Protesters

Back in 2002, the Egyptian ex-president was accused of the killing of hundreds of people during their protesting. Yet on March 2, 2017 Egypt's top appeals court cleared the ex-president of any involvement of the conflict.

Donald Trump revised travel ban excludes Iraqis. Iraqis include about %95 of the Middle East's population. This occurred March 2, 2017.

Turkey's antitrust law aims to protect its companies from major outside sources. Turkey however, believes that the search giant Google has violated the antitrust laws. Google is under investigation for promoting android products more than anything else, and also over advertising it in Turkey alone.

Migrants attempted to reach Europe by storming the barrier. This barrier lied on top of Morocco and Ceuta. Multiple law enforcement patrols had to be called to control the situation.

On December 14, 2016 a 42 year old man was imprisoned for two years. The cause of this was that he "insulted" Algeria's President and many other government officials.

The people of Ahvaz protested for days over government mismanagement. Also the poor maintenance of the city's power conductors lead to power failures.

American firepower in Iraq is making Iraq's opposition against western Mosul weaker. As Iraq's forces cannot be everywhere at once unless they divide themselves, therefore halving their militant power.

Pakistan has closed its crossings with Afghanistan for more than two weeks. Leading to riots at their borders, and additional guards at the border crossings.

Due to suspicions of Al Qaeda militants in Yemen, the United States attacked the suspected locations with more than 30 air strikes. Which is more than Barack Obama's entire presidency, rounding out to about only 20 air strikes.


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