Strikes Segregation in the 1950s

This is a picture of Claudette Colvin. She was a famous civil rights activist and she would participate in non-violent strikes. She was very famous for being the first black person to rebel on a bus and start the beginning of a bus boycott.

People would participate in strikes to change something or to create an idea that some people don't want. Strikes are a form of protest and people could either be protesting for something or against something. A very important strike/movement that occurred was the civil rights movement in the mid 1950s.

During the mid 1950s, the civil rights movement was present. The civil rights movement was a non-violent protest Black people would be in marches for equality and white people would be in marches to have things stay the same way, if not have black people be worth less than they already are.

Rosa Parks is a great example of this idea of racial segregation. Rosa Parks was arrested for not getting off a bus seat when a white person asked for it. After that moment, there were different strikes and a city wide boycott. Her rebellious act led to one of the NAACP's highest awards.

Generally, when people hear the word strike, they think if violence, however some strikes would be non-violent. MLK Jr believed that non-violence was the best form of protest. He did not what to get they way he wanted with violence, he believed that was wrong.

There are many different types of protests and strikes and most of them have some sort of reason for them. The fact of all of the types of strikes and protests MLK Jr. could have started, he made a non-violent because he knew violence was not right.

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