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Location has a lot to do with the good life, because it has a large effect on the way we experience events. The theatre where the play took place was a medium size and although they were a large amount of seats, only a small crowd showed up to watch the play. At first, I thought it would feel strange to have such a small group watching the play, but now I feel that It added to the experience, because it made it more intimate. My seat was in the very front section, so I had a very good view of the stage and some of the actors were very close to me at certain points of the play. Because I was so close, I was able to see the emotions of the actors' faces and I feel that had a really big impact on how I absorbed the meaning of the play.

students waiting for play to begin
Richard and I

Before going to the play, I got dressed and made sure to read the description of the play. I went to the play with my friend, Richard. At first, I was glad that I had someone to go with because I didn't want to be bored, but after the play, I realized that there was another purpose for attending the play with someone else. It was good to be able to talk to someone about how the felt about the play and about what message they received from the characters. I believe shared experiences are crucial to the good life, because they allow you to view an experience in more than one way and learn from another perspective.

"The Divine" took place in the 1900's. The play covered some real life issues that still aren't completely resolved in today's time. One major problem that was addressed was poverty and child labor. Another thing that was addressed was sexual abuse in the church. All of these topics are still relevant, so I felt that I did have a good bit of prior knowledge about all of them. I wouldn't say that the play changed my mind about any of the issues, but it did help me to see how different people deal with the same situation. A lot of the times when we hear about these issues, we only hear from one type of victim. However, the play showed how different individuals feel and display different emotions after experiencing bad situations.

In my opinion, "The Divine" was all about coming clean. The main character obviously had a secret he was hiding from the beginning and as the show went on, he came clean to the audience, the other characters, and himself. I felt that although his secret was huge, it was more about how he himself would decide to accept the truth of what happened to him. Would he continue to feel ashamed? Would he tell the police? Would he act like it never happened? Another truth that was told was when the factory workers finally told Sarah that children worked at the factory and that as a result, lives had even been lost. Many of the characters had to evaluate how they felt about what was going on and decide what they would do about it. Some of the characters decided to speak out while others decided to suppress the emotion and act as if everything was normal. The play really made the audience think about how different people deal with tough situations and how well different people face reality.

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