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  • Slide 3 - Rhyme "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" by Jack Norworth
  • Slide 4 - Personification "Jackie Robinson" by Lucille Clifton
  • Slide 5 - Onomatopoeia "Analysis of Baseball" by Carl Sandburg
  • Slide 6 - Alliteration "World Champions" by William Jay Smith
  • Slide 7 - Sensory "Hits and Runs" by Carl Sandburg
  • Slide 8 - Metaphor "Metaphor" by Eve Merriam
  • Slide 9 - Simile "Christmas Dinner" by Kenn Nesbitt

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Rhyme: repetition of accented vowel sounds, and all sounds following them

  • Take me out to the ball game, A
  • Take me out with the crowd, B
  • Buy me some peanuts and Cracker-jack, C
  • I don't care if I never get back. C
  • Let me root, root, root for the home team, D
  • If they don't win it's a shame, A
  • For it's one, two, three strikes you're out, E
  • At the old ball game A

Knudson, R.R. "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." American Sports Poems. New York: Orchard Books, 1988. 31

Jackie Robinson

Personification: a figure of speech in which an object or animal is spoken of as if it had human feelings, thoughts, or attitudes

  • ran against walls
  • without breaking.
  • in night games
  • was not foul
  • but, brave as a hit
  • over whitestone fences,
  • entered the conquering dark (the dark is being personified, it has the human trait of conquering)

Knudson, R.R. "Jackie Robinson." American Sports Poems. New York: Orchard Books, 1988. 7

Analysis of Baseball

Onomatopoeia: the use of words whose sounds imitate or suggest their meaning

  • Ball bounces
  • off bat, flies
  • air, or thuds
  • ground (dud) - it imitates the sound a baseball makes when it hit the ground
  • or it
  • fits mit

Knudson, R.R. "Analysis of Baseball" American Sports Poems. New York: Orchard Books, 1988. 32

World Champions

Alliteration: the repetition of consonant sounds in words that are close together

  • A cardinal is perched upon a bat
  • Upon a pennant on a pole upon a field: that
  • Means you pay to see
  • The redbirds warming up: this is baseball

Knudson, R.R. "World Champions" American Sports Poems. New York: Orchard Books, 1988. 50

Hits and Runs

Sensory: language that appeals to the senses

  • And the umpire's voice was hoarse (sense of hearing) calling balls and strikes
  • and outs, and the umpire's throat fought in the
  • dust for a song.

Knudson, R.R. "Hits and Runs" American Sports Poems. New York: Orchard Books, 1988. 32


Metaphor- an imaginative comparison between two unlike things in which one thing is said to be another thing

  • Morning is
  • a new sheet of paper (they are alike because they are both fresh)
  • for you to write on.

Carle, Eric. "Metaphor" Big Book of Poetry. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2008. 41

Christmas Dinner

Simile- a comparison between two unlike things using a words such as like, as, than, or resembles

  • After
  • such a load,
  • Feel like
  • I'll explode. (they are alike because it tells how they feel)

Nesbitt, Kenn. "Christmas Dinner" Rolling in the Aisles. New York: Bruce Lansky, 2004. 105


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