Goosebumps Monster blood 2

One day Andy went down to the river so did Evan and Andy had a surprise for evan IT WAS MONSTER BLOOD! monster blood is blood if you eat a little bit of you will grow and grow and grow until the monster blood expires. Andy decided to give cuddles a spoon full and he grew as big as a rabbit. Mr. Murphy thought that it was Evan feeding him to much but it was the monster blood so mr.murphy made evan clean the hamster cage as punishment.


Main characters........ are Andy, Evan and Cuddles.

Other Characters....... Mr. murphy, Conan and School kids.

This is cuddles after he ate monster.

This is evan he is the one who cleans out cuddles cage.

This is Andy Evan's cousin.

This is Mr.Murphy who made Evan clean out cuddles cage.

This conan the kid that would pick on evan.

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