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When we say a complete setup, we mean it

Let's get this right

This Is one of those things that nobody would offer as a starter plan. It is also why I can guarantee your pressence, reach & growth. Some of these platforms might not be popular or recognized. However, they have major benefits of being created and maintained.

Intricate Cross platform Link Building

Every URL , Link , hashtag, etc & the CONNECTIVITY between them, gives you weight , creates Rank and search ability. Google calls it relevant & Rich call to actions that create traffic. Even your advertisements become less expensive and more likely to convert.

All networks cross through here

These platforms all serve campaign purposes. Content management & Productivity use.

Having all of them set up makes you ready for any themed campaign and able to accomplish any type of administrative or interactive task.

Content Gathering , Creation & Distrubution is a major part of Building your audience. By setting up all these networks. We are Empowering you to manage or maintain Vigelence of campaigning if you chose to
These guys are your canvas , let's get some colors and gallery's to compliment your networks
Finally Who doesn't love Free resources & A competitive Sprit? Web platforms and Triggers, automated Reminders to monitor competition, specific word Query's , anything is possible when your connectivity is STREAMLINED on a global scale.
Build your road to Success
Maybe not all platforms match your brand or needed by your campaigns. This is why we have them all & Offer a list and Chance to see all the networks available. These are just the top 10 of each category.
Almost there for complete optimizing and brand awareness
The internets express ways

To fully be Setup and search friendly, we must first make sure we are signed up and Setup for the other guys people look stuff up on. These Search engine platforms all have a community of social , interactive platforms that must be respected & taken advantage of.

Social networks
There's more than you think

There are Hundreds of Social Networks that are catered to practically every type of Audience , Subject & enviorment. These platforms, although aren't as widely known, Or used, carry areas with links and information to drive Back to your main pages. This makes every social network important to be on.

Create a Reputation

Blog & publishing platforms are essential in spreading messages to your audience , finding relevant content & a complete rich interactive set up?most blog platforms have profiles that are filled with Links that you fill in my industry that's MONEY... The more rich links a profile has the more visibility and traffic you create.

Go viral

Today , Everything is about video. Production , Gathering & Advertisements are the focus of mobile marketing, setting up video network & creating original content is challenging, on top of monitoring Viral trends & competition, one must have every video network to compete.

Say it with a picture

" A picture tells a thousand words" is not just a random quote their are dozens of formats & Styles of images on social media. Having the networks , editing tools & all the image networks possible makes creating, maintaining and delivering campaigns a lot easier.

Communication is key

Communication has grown to every medium of media. video, image, interactive , automated , chats, the more capable you are of communicating the better your audience will receive you.

Stay up to date

News platforms are how you stay up todate on tending topics , content to curate and share. It's how you make RSS feeds , monitor specific topics, and subjects

Be a leader in your industry answer questions and engage in discussions

Forum platforms are places where you ask and answer questions, they are important in the world of social media. Nothing goes viral without forums. It also can establish you as a respected leader in your industry

Be human, music is the one common interest based posts you can be a part of

Music is a billion dollar industry, people are fanatics they love music streaming , sharing , discussing , creating & you must be a part of that conversation

Listen to voices and create yoyr voice

Podcasts & Voicecasts are a big part of the onLine world you must be on top of those podcasts that are important & even make your own

Productivity & Automation

Automated networks are the back bone in a well oiled social media streamline.

Work smart

"There's an app for that!" We have endless options to help you organize , monitor and create all the media/administrative needs with these productivity platforms we recommend & use

LAunchers / widgets
Easy buttons

Are a unique way we remotely set up your devices, with action buttons, and launchers to specific apps, websites/settings that are set up to maintain social media networks

Geo Fence
Check in, triggers & Automated location based networks

The social networks , productivity & automated platforms that use GPS location based technology. That are being used by major corporations and practically every app and platform. These are not only recommended but suggested to learn more & grow your brand with.

Add to cart the more platforms for selling you set up the better

There are So mAny ways to shop, trade , sell & even create items to sell or affiliate selling. Knowing where , who , how & why these platforms exists will help you understand your audiences tendencies to buy.

Hola! Communicate world wide en todo el mundo

One great advantage of today is the communication possibilities to any one, any language & spreading your message globally. These are the top interactive global networks to create profiles in

Be a giver loally support your community

Local networks are vital to grow your organic reach these are platforms dedicated to your community needs and should be filled with your brand.

Have fun engage with local and national events

Everybody has an event their waiting for , creating or searching for every day. These platforms allow all those features & when used creatively, can create campaigns like , rewards , contests etc.

Peace and love and all those conversations

Crowd funding platforms plus positive message driven networks and activists platforms are full of content & unique audiences

What's your unique reach

Specific networks to your industry are researched and found

Teach something, learn something

The era of DIY (do it your self) huge audiences & resources to educate, and be educated


The most broad category of this list, these platforms give you the best form of content. Rich , Comunicative , touch ready , embeddable networks of polls, quizzes, contests , collaborative & are part of creating your network & campaigns

Rich linking , call to actions or just interactive posts to engage
Live streaming

The Lastest explosion on the internet, every live stream network has a target audience and focus for specific campaignS.

Let's get Optimized

Cross the Tees and dot the i's
Now DiScover , Gather , create & distribute
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Roly Daniel

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