Boom to Bust Olivia vlachogiannis mrs. collins period 7

Technology of the 1920s

This is a car from the 1920s that many people wanted to buy.

Flappers/women in the 1920s

This women in a flapper. Which were mostly popular before the great depression, during the 1920s. They were rebellious and did thing out of the ordinary for women of the time period.

Technology of the 1920s

This is a record player. It was invented in the 1920s and everyone wanted to have one to play music.

Poverty during the depression

This women has 3 young children. She is living during the great depression. And she is in poverty and cannot provide for her children. They are starving are dirty and have no money.


This picture shows hoovervilles people who lost all their money and homes and could not afford to live in one anymore, lived in these run down make shift homes made from old scrap parts of wood, metal, cardboard and other things.

1920s entertainment/leisure time

In their free time, people spent a lot of time at the movies seeing films. 2/5 saw a movie at least once a week. Even through out the 1930s, people continued to see movies to get their mind off the great depression.

1920s/1930s entertainment

These people are at a theater seeing a show in the 1920s.

Entertainment in the 20s/30s

This is a show at a theater people went to see.

Economy in the 1920s

This is a bank in the 1920's, when the economy was booming.

Although the 1920's and the 1930's were just a few years apart from each other, the great depression completely changed the time period for Americans in many ways. The 1920's were full of life. People were happy. Because World War one had just ended, people started to believe that the time they had left on earth could be very limited, and that they would make the most of whatever little time they had left. And making the most of that time meant spending their money. The economy was booming at the time. And the total wealth of our nation more than doubled. And this economic uproar changed American citizens into more of consumers. They spend their money on new inventions of the twenties like the automobile, the radio, the television and the dishwasher. They also had more money to spend on things like, a movie, a night out, sporting events and other activities they did in their leisure time. As the economy continued to grow and improve, people and businesses did as well. People were buying an abundance of stock which helped stockbrokers and bankers make millions. And farmers were thriving do to American consumers buying their farm products. All around at the time, everyone was successful and having a good time. But then, October 29th 1929 that all completely changed for Americans. Stalk prices had been rising slowly but surely and people started to panic and sell all the stalk they had before the crash. But it was too late. Americans were left unable to get back any of the money they had. They lost their homes, cars and belongings. Americans faced severe poverty. And the unemployment rate reached a peak of 25% of Americans without jobs or an income to support them. And others that were lucky enough to still have a job did not even have a steady income coming in. Because even businesses, in corporations, factories, and farms were deeply affected by the stalk market crash and could not pay there workers. Many businesses even closed because not only did they not have money do to the crash, no one had the money to buy there products. Bankers lost their jobs and many banks failed and closed. Everyone was affected by this except the extremely wealthy people who were on top, who did not even know the crash had happened. Over all the great depression drastically affected and changed many peoples lives forever. And deeply changed America. This tragic event with out a doubt


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