How Hypnotherapy can benefit you your guide to hypnosis

Hypnosis is an ancient healing practice originating thousands of years ago. Hypnos, comes from the Greek language meaning sleep. Developed by medical practitioners over the last five hundred years it has evolved into a valued natural intervention demonstrating results across all areas of life.

Being in a state of heightened awareness or as is more commonly known as trance is something already familiar to us, that time where you are about to wake up in the morning, the times when you just cant keep your eyes open in a meeting or when day dreaming. It feels comfortable and relaxed. It is well known that time in trance feels like much longer so just ten mins can feel like one hour.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis meaning you are in control and choose to allow yourself to go into trance. To help a subject go into a hypnotic state the conscious (or critical faculty) is distracted in order to speak to the unconscious. By speaking to the unconscious the mind is in a much better state to accept suggestions so this is used to help with smoking, insomnia, pain relief, and even over eating. All whilst feeling fantastically relaxed.

We can use hypnosis in many different ways such as helping controlled weight loss, concentration, confidence, sleep disorders, pain control, depression, anxiety, phobias, fears and presentation nerves using a natural approach without needing to rely upon medication.

Want to find out more? We run various events and training in hypnosis ranging from tasters to accredited qualifications for those looking to go further and set up their own practice. An outline of our offering is on the website


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