Jadyne's Goal Project english 2 period 6

Semester Goal

By the end of the semester, I will get at least a "B" average in all of my course's. How i would reach this goal is by...Paying a lot more attention in class, staying for E.O.P, also turning in my work/projects on time. I also have to study way more in order for me to score high on test's.

getting outstanding grade's.

English Goal

My English goal is to know how to use more punctuation's, also how to right full essay's with no mistake's. I believe a way to reach this goal is by listening more to the teachers instructions, paying way more attention in the class than what i did my first semester. Another way i could reach this goal is by practicing my punctuation's and essay's at home.

complete essay's and correct punctuation's.

High School Goal

My High School goal is to make more friend's, also to be more active in school clubs or sport's. By reaching my goal i have to interact more with other student's. As for club's and sport's I have to maintain good grade's and practice enough so that i can be good enough to do these activities.


After High School Goal

After High School my goal is to go off to a University like ASU, Grand Canyon. After my 4 year's there I'd want to go to Law school, to become a criminal defense lawyer. To meet this goal i have to do good in high school, I have to have a good GPA, also outstanding grades.

law school and high GPA.

Personal Growth Goal

My personal growth goal is to communicate more with other people. I also want to work on sport's, like softball and soccer. I want to be more out going, not locked up in my room all day. I just have to work on this goal a little more and it'll be reached.

being more social and playing sport's.


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