My carving project

My art teacher has assigned a carving project for me to do, we have to pick a literature character and carve their cane,staff,or wand. I decided to do a Harry Potter wand for me.

The next day I did some research on my wand so I knew what it looked like , what it was made of , and all of that stuff. I took a quiz on and I found out I was in Gryffindor and my wand was a birch wand with a Phoenix feather core. I later found out birch trees only grow in northern areas and I decided to use oak wood instead. Here is a screen shot of my results for the wand quiz.

The wand I got on

The first day of my carving I got all of the bark off which was easy since my wood was still fresh and green. I was amazed by how easy it was to peel off, I got both of my sticks peeled in just one class period.

First day see above

The next day of carving I started to slim down my wood so it was skinnier. It is pretty tough because I have to leave it thicker in certain places, and it is hard to keep those exact places in mind.

Second day see above.

Third day : I started to pick up where I left off with making the wood slimmer.

Fourth day : I started to round off the ends of my sticks and STILL slimming down my sticks.

Fourth day

On the fifth day I spent most of the time rounding off the ends again and ... yes, slimming down my wood.

Sorry this is blurry

6th day : I worked on getting the form right which is proving to be quite a challenge because of the precise and dramatic curves in my wand. But I finally feel like I'm making progress

The sixth day of carving

A lotĀ of people are cutting themselves but I still haven't cut myself, though I have come pretty close to it.

Seventh day: I made some intentions where the curves would be in the wand so I would have a easier time later on.

Stick number one

Stick number two

The indentions in stick one

On the eighth day I started getting the wand into shape and it's pretty close to being done on the carving part.

On the 9th day I whittled down the wand a bit and cut off some of the end to get it to the right length. I also got cut.

10th day: I got my wand into the perfect shape so that I could sand it and stain it.

Eleventh and twelfth day: I started to sand my wand to make it smoother and got good results. So far I'm pretty proud of my work.

On the thirteenth day of carving, this is how my wand looks at the end.

Almost done!

I feel like I'm getting close to being done, all I need to do now is finish getting all the ridges in, stain it, and put a clear coat on it

On the fourteenth day I'm still getting all the bumps off with sand paper but during spring break I'm going to finish the ridges and stain it.

I decided I would have to leave off some of the details because I didn't have enough time. But over spring break I stained my wand and put a clear coat on it so I'm officially done.

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