My 8 Year Old Gang By: Cameron, Kissik

Six years ago in 2011, I went to Maccoll Field YMCA and had my own gang. It started when I got a small group of about five friends and we created ranks and rules to our gang. The two rules were that you couldn’t use your own name, and had have a fake name that started with lord. This also meant that you would have to do whatever the rank above you told you to do. For example my name in the group was Lord Shwabington. The reason I was elected to be the leader is because I originally made the group, then I had a right hand man, a left hand man, a boss, and a member. Each one of these had control of the one under them and the person above a rank could demote people to lower ranks if they act up. Eventually our small group of friends grew to about 40 people who were all in my camp and some who were in others. Those in the other camps met up with me at post camp which is basically the place we wait until a bus or our parents pick us up.

But one day in the middle of the summer, I had an arguement with my left hand man, Anthony, because he wanted to be right hand man because he said he was doing more than what my current right hand man was doing. Because of this I demoted him all the way down to a member and promoted my friend Jacob to left hand man which is the one person Anthony hated. That may have been a little cruel. Anthony then left a couple days later and created his own gang with about 1/3rd of my gang. As the summer went on one of my spies managed to overhear that they were planning something for the last week of summer but we didn’t know what. Over the summer each of our gangs would send over someone saying that they would like to join or rejoin the other person's gang and they would tell either me or Anthony information. My right hand man Aiden is the one who managed to get close enough to Anthony to get the information.

Then on the last week we were nervous of what they were going to do so we stayed far away from them. Then in the middle of that last week, I was sitting on a bench with my friend Aiden playing a video game on my DSI. Then right as I was about to finish the game someone hit my power button and when I looked up. It was Anthony. Of course immediately after that Aiden and I chased him off and continued playing my DSI. After that about 10 minutes past and the rest of my gang was around me watching my game. But then we saw the other gang with Anthony walking towards us. Anthony had an older brother who was 12 which he brought with him.

My gang and I were confused on what was going on until Anthony’s older brother walked up to my right hand man Aiden and punched him the stomach. Aiden then immediately fell over and then the rest of their gang ran forward and started attacking mine. At this point I was in a dilemma because I knew I wanted fight back against them but I also knew that eventually the counselors (The people who run the camp) would break up the fight and permanently ban Anthony’s gang and mine if I fought back, but doing that would make it more likely that the people in my gang get beaten up. I decided and told my gang not to fight back and to just get away from them because if we did fight back everyone including us would be banned from the summer camp. Then I sent my left hand man Jacob to get a counselor to break up the fight and tell them that we weren’t fighting them and just trying to get away from them. The counselors came and broke up the fight and then told everyone we were all getting banned from the summer camp permanently. Once they said this we tried to explain to them what happened but they didn’t care until Anthony from the other camp told them what happened which I honestly didn’t expect from him. The other gang got permanently banned from the camp and mine was forced to split apart but we were not banned so that we could meet up the next summer.

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