Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Amanda Fernandes

Nature On Display

My favorite exhibit was the underwater ocean display. From the moment I entered I felt immersed in the sea. They played sounds of the ocean and the whole room was covered in shades of blue and decorated with different marine wildlife. My attention was captured in the sounds and colors and the gigantic sea creatures that were definitely not to scale. The walls were full of shells and there was even a tiny fish hanging from the ceiling. The ocean is a place that still has so much left to explore. Through this exhibit I learned that water is a vital part of travel and holds an abundance of life. Its movement is also essential in transporting food and removing waste. It is so easy for us to forget how important our bodies of water are and sometimes we take that for granted. My experience at the museum was enjoyable because I had friends to accompany me and it was really interesting seeing how each exhibit was set up so strategically and held so much historical information.

Nature and Ethics

I agree with Leopold that we need to treat nature with the utmost respect. The National History Museum did provide me with the opportunity to admire nature. Everything was peaceful and lively, it seemed to exude a sense of tranquility. It helped me realize that we spend so much time trying to destroy or control nature when we should be basking in its beauty. I felt guilty as i walked through the museum, guilty thoughts for not caring enough about nature and its role in our community. I could hear the noises, see the wildlife, and sometimes even smell the atmosphere. The day I went was pretty crowded and a lot of little kids were running around in awe at everything they saw, the parents also seemed to take in interest in explaining to their children everything they knew. There was an obvious connection when we could read the plaques and get to know more about the exhibits and also how we could notice details. My experience did make me consider how I can be more ethically responsible to nature and how i can try and spread to word and my experience to friends and family.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helps us step out of ordinary life by plunging us into nature. The universe is mysterious and long after we are gone nature will still be there. We get to be surrounded by all things nature to where we are bound to see the different mysteries that it can hold. I particularly really enjoyed the new frog exhibit because there are so many variations from different parts of the world that grow in a ton of different sizes and colors. Along with the frog exhibit was the fossil exhibit that had a plethora of information on the mysteries of the past that none of us were even alive for and yet we get to see what animals and life was like back then. It shows us that we are just little specs on a timeline of this big world and we should really learn to appreciate all that is around us and all that we still don't know. It forces us to stop to smell the flowers from time to time.

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