Coding Robots! Using Code,Dash,and robots moving things,

I stood before Dash prepping the robot for his ultimate challenge of delivering the textbook from the shelf. After putting on his Lego connectors, I dragged the word Right below the start button. I instantly realized that I had reached my goal, I was coding, using Dash the right way, and figured out how to move the textbooks to our desks’. But, how did all of this come to be?

Many everyday objects that are important to us use code such as phones and cars.Did you know that almost anything that uses electricity uses code? And that code is used to develop apps on devices? Well now you do! You are probably still wondering, what is code exactly? Code is a digital technology; to write for a computer program or application. It is also a system of rules to convert information such as a letter, word sound, image or gesture into another form or representation. It is sometimes shortened for communication.When you use code you can use directions such as up,down,left, and right. Lastly, the difficulty of most types of code is hard. For example, code is like learning a new language. You can also think of it like a recipe. Now go get coding because the possibilities are endless! If you want to know how to involve robots then take a look at how to move things with robots.

Have you ever wanted to move something place to place without you even moving? Now you can! But, you will need to know the Robot's’ performance, ways you can move things, and the things behind Robot’s actions. For the Robot’s performance you can program a robot with a device and can make it do a series of things automatically. They can also perform with no regard of how they look. Each robot has a sense of intelligence or thought of its own. Almost like it has its own personality. You will be able to move things using an array of microphones (sound) or if you are using Dash, the robot, you can use the Lego connectors that come with him. The things behind Robot’s actions are computers, cameras, sensors,and joints. The “method” is sense, plan, and then act! Did you know that signals are sent to its “brain.” Now that you know about the Robot’s performance, ways you can move things, and the things behind Robot’s’ actions you can start coding with Robots! But would you like to know a great robot to use?

Kid friendly robots can be the best to let you or your kids learn and explore! But, are you having a hard time finding one? Meet Dash made from Wonder Workshop! Dash’s packaging and apps such as Blockly and wonder are very important to him. Dash’s packaging includes a mini charger with a wall plug, a USB

A USB cord similar to the one you get with Dash.

and building brick connectors. Also, if you charge Dash for 1 hour you get 3 hours of play time max! One of Dash’s apps is called Blockly. Blockly is a drag and drop visual that has program concepts, so that even 8 year olds can use! The app also has algorithm design, command sequence, control flow, and loops meaning it can repeat itself. It also lets you use your creative problem solving! Another app called Wonder lets kids under 8 and up easily create their real world gadgets and robots because when using Dash it lets kids have an easier understanding of code. The app also includes robotics , engineering, technology, and new framework for students to learn all about the world! Dash’s packaging and apps are the number 1 priority to let Dash be himself and listen to the coder’s directions.

Code is very important to Robots, so that you can make them come alive and they can have their unique personality. Make sure to keep trying if something goes wrong with coding and Have Fun!

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Kylie Cebul

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