Florida Museum of Natural History Nature Activity By tyler stevens

Initially arriving at Butterfly Rainforest

Nature on Display: One exhibit that I enjoyed a lot was the Butterfly Rainforest. I felt like I was a part of a beautiful set, the landscaping was gorgeous and it felt like you were swarmed with butterflies the entire time. Being in that exhibit felt like you were actually immersed in a rainforest, with the running water and waterfalls, the plethora of butterflies, and all the lush biotic plant life. The butterflies kept flying up to me and seeing all the distinct patterns was so cool. I learned some of the things that butterflies eat, such as grapefruit and banana, that I don't think I would've ever learned if I had not gone. All in all, the museum was extremely enjoyable because of the way it was designed. All the exhibits were so cool to walk through and the visuals were astounding, seeing all the huge shark jaws and the huge sea creatures and the fossils and of course the Butterfly Rainforest was amazing and I'm happy I went.

Butterflies enjoying so grapefruit and banana

Nature and Ethics: Being in the museum was sort of an awakening for me. Going into the butterfly rainforest and seeing all the butterflies and how graceful and peaceful they were was very therapeutic in a way and made me feel like I was no better than they were. I was very respectful of their space when they were flying around and was constantly checking my feet to make sure that I wasn't going to step on one, and trust me I was very close multiple times. I went with my friend and he had been to the museum before so he was telling me what to expect and how interesting it was, but even with him preparing me it still blew me away and it seemed he was just as amazed the second time through. There was really something in the museum that everyone could connect to, whether it was the Butterfly Rainforest which was my favorite, the huge skeletal strucutres of the mammoths, the giant shark jaws, the Native American cultural items, the deep sea exhibit, or the tree frog exhibit. There was really something there to peak anyone's interest. The museum really made me understand that not just are all humans created equal, but that we need to treat animals and all life in general with equal respect, they have just as much of a right to be here as we do and are all integral to sustaining a functioning community.

Part of southern Florida Indian Culture
Woven baskets

Nature and the Human Spirit: This museum really helps step out of one's normal life by providing an escape. Stepping into a museum with a bunch of different exhibits really lets you experience several different things in a short amount of time and it stimulates one's brain to a degree where you don't think about the troubles you have outside of the museum because you're just so encapsulated in what you're looking at. It lets us better understand who we are because we find things that interest us that we never thought we would find interesting. For example I found looking at all the huge deep sea creatures very entertaining and my friend and I were laughing about the idea of ever crossing paths with a fish or crab that big, even though I'm more of a land lover myself. Seeing these kinds of things gets your mind wandering and I constantly found myself thinking that there is a great possibility that there are creatures at the bottom of the ocean that we might not know even exist and that's exciting and also scary at the same time. It's so entertaining just exploring the mysteries of the world that a museum can really bring to the forefront of your mind.

Extinct Megalodon
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