MyVitalTV- Residential Services Wireless IPTV, Internet, Mobile Telephone, Wi-Fi

MyVitalTV is the cornerstone of your Personal Media Network that includes Wireless Internet connectivity, Mobile Telephone, and Wi-Fi, service bundle.

MyVitalTV enhances your SmartTV with Desktop Computer applications and your Desktop Computer with all of your Channels of SmartTV.

Your Vital Portal application gives you access to all services on your Mobile phone, Tablet and on your private Home Wi-Fi network in your service bundle.

Your MyVitalTV Antenna and Set Top Box ( STB) are the hub of your private network of Internet Protocol Television, Internet Connectivity, Mobile Telephone, Wi-Fi services.

MyVitalTV Features: Live Local TV, Voice Activation Smart Display (coming later this year), Parental Controls, Video On Demand, Internet Radio, Catch Up TV, YouTube, Game Portals, Cloud DVR and Pay Per View, e-Commerce Services, Customized Channel List, Mobile App Integration, Multi-screen Streaming, 4K Ultra High Definition TV, Curiosity Stream, Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube and Google Play accessible, with your choice of Smart Home Management capacity.

Created By
Alphonso Whitfield III


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