St. Joseph's day saint josephs day is celebrated on march 19 in the city of valencia. the HOLIDAY its self lasts about three weeks. on the first day you can wake up to the constant sounds of fireworks singling the start of the celebration.

As a part of St. Josephs day the women of Valencia get to choose the Fallas (floats) that will be in the parade. when the parade is over all of the floats get set on fire.
many people believed that St. Josephs day began hundreds of years ago. And according to legend, all the carpenters made bonfires and burnt all of there stuff to honor St. Joseph.
one of the most color part of the festival is the flower offering.the towns people dress in there nicest clothes and travel to the main square and carry flower baskets over flowing with flowers.
But St. Josephs day isn't all about going into the streets and partying non stop. instead many people would rather go to church and celebrate the life of St. Joseph there.
some of the main thing people will eat during St. Josephs day is bread, pasta cake, fruits, beef and cabbage.
the main thing you will see in St. Josephs are floats, food, statues of St. Joseph himself, bonfires, and thousands of fireworks lighting up the nights.

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