Gillian Thomson awesome

Gillian loves art, that is why she goes to an art school.
She may not be extraordinary or amazing at it, well she could even suck at it but she still loves it. She knows so many people that are way better then her at art but that doesn't put her down.
Gillian is in grade eight, she loves it. She really likes Mrs. Manyk, her home room teacher. Gillian says that Mrs. Manyk make it so Gillian wants to stay in school.
One of her new favorite subjects is choir, she is always so excited for when she gets choir next.
She loves DMA, it is another one of her favorite classes. She is good at understanding computers if she is taught right. Mr. Walters is really good at teaching computers.
last year and the year before when she was in grade six and seven, she did not like social studies at all, but now she loves it. Gillian thinks its so intresting.
At A.S.I.A we integrate arts, for example: in dance we will do a dance about social studies. Or in art we will draw some thing from social studies.
last year we started a big project called get the ball rolling


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