Good Life Performance The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

Introduction-As I entered the theatre, I managed to keep an open-mind about the almost three hour play I was about to watch.

The Spatial Experience-As I walked up the ramp I was eager to watch a play I have never seen before. The architectural structure of the theatre was stunning and inviting. I became excited for this new experience as soon as I got into the lobby,, but when I got into the actual theatre the detailed set drew my attention in even more. When the lights finally dimmed my seat in the front right proved to be extra exciting as actors and actresses immediately were illuminated directly in front of me as the play started. My seats remained constantly lit by a spot light as actors would come in through the exit right in front of my seat. Taking this class and attending this play with friends enhances both experiences because after class and common activities I get the chance to discuss our individual experiences and the different details we may have picked up on.
The Social Experience-The Good Life is a class that I believe needs to be taken with friends to not only have a more enjoyable experience but a more educational one as well. The more I experience this class I realize that without talking and discussing the lectures and common activities I would not be able to fully take in all the meanings and themes of the course.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience-The central lessons that I took from the play I believe is an important themes in life, such as being true to oneself and one's beliefs just as Michaud, doing what one loves just as Sarah Bernhardt does, and that no matter how perfect a situation looks, there is always more to the story as illustrated in both the church and the factory. The actual settings of the play did not have a large impact on my experience because they seemed distant and unrelated to my life. However the central themes that the play conveyed I believe are important life lessons.
The Emotional Experience-This picture was based off an earlier one that was taken at the beginning of the play. The replicated photo was meant to capture my emotions after the play. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt offers a katharsis because when the play begins everything to the naked eye seems perfect with the church, the factory, and the theatre. The katharsis comes in because when the play does end, the darkness and evilness behind all of these originally jaded organizations are finally revealed.

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