Jazza pick mine! hi my name is Corbin

This is what i stared with before i put my drawings into the computer

i hate how i made it look like he was hanging he is not hanging but trying to wake up the sleeping elf.

The next are of me working on getting the drawing in the computer and adding color in Illustrator

The last one is me finishing up the art!

So that is my art i just wanted to say all thought i am sure that you have a lot of people going into this i just want to say you are a big reason that i am trying to get into art... i love your youtube and all the things you do, and all thought i hope to do work with tattooing i really just love to make art! P.S. all i ever use is office stuff so i loved the challenge with the office stuff!

i am so happy with how this turned out i am still learning but i love this art thing so much!


all by me corbin

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