Lion King Rehearsal By: Katie May

Paoli Jr. Sr. High School drama club is putting on the original Disney Lion King Junior performance. Their first performance will be held this Thursday, December 30. Drama club has been practicing since the beginning of October to make this play a memorable experience for all of the audience.

Eighth grader Angie Ceja, playing Nala practices alongside of her "Lion crowd"
Picture right to left, Angie Ceja playing as Nala, Cailah Nikkila and Tori Gwyn both playing as lioness.
Pictured right Angie Ceja and Libby Padgett practicing their part together.
Seventh grader Adin Monroe, practicing playing as young Simba.

Seventh graders, Ellie Sims, Micayla Groves, and McKali Hedge practice dancing.

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