Tattoos On the Heart By: T.J. Seaton

Chapter 1 God , I Guess:

The theme of this chapter is God. Without God, things we try to do will not be as good as it would be with him. Fr. G stated that not much in life makes sense without God. We need God in our lives in order to accomplish great things. My reflection: my favorite story from this chapter wasn't exactly something that happened to someone but rather a story dealing with God. It is, Gods joy is like a bunch of women lined up in the parish halls wanting only to dance with you. I like this because it makes readers laugh and have a better understanding of what God can bring us and that learning about God shouldn't be boring or something we have to do. Rusher something we want to do to have a bette Rolfe and relationship with God.

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace

The theme of this chapter is that we can be seen everywhere. Our ego gets drawn to God with the rest of our characteristics. We should accept the harm we do to be in the path of God. God shows up in our lives in many different forms and people and we don't take advantage of this. My favorite story is when it talks about the greatest shame of these gangsters isn't just the fact that they can't pay rent or afford diapers but a toxic shame- global sense of failure of the whole self. This type of shame can hurt our everyday lives and it can dig very deep into our selves. I like this story about these gangsters because it makes us realize how lucky we really are. How much we have and to thank God for starting us out in easier situations than these people. It helps us understand what these people may go through and how hard it is to overcome it.

Chapter 3: Compassion

The theme of this chapter is God is compassinate, loving, and kind. All we were asked to do from God was to be in the world God is, which is harder than it sounds. My favorite story from this chapter is a homeless who began to sleep in the church and the next day a former homeless gangster talked to fr. G and said he used to go to the church and sleep there and was baptized there and later a bunch of gang members and homeless people come to the church and get fed and enjoying life for a change. I love this story cause the simplest things as a church building can bring people together and closer to God. People got food, water, and were able to socialize in a friendly way for once in a long time. People got to connect and thank the lord for giving them another day, another opportunity at life.

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