The Artisans HIghly Skilled Laborers

The Artisans are highly skilled workers who created some of the most beautiful objects in Ancient Egypt. Some jobs artisans had were, carpenters, jewelers, leather workers, metalworkers, painters, potters, sculptors, wig makers, glass blowers, gold workers and weavers.

The artisans were the third social class on the socila pyramid and barely ever given recogniton for their work.

Artisans live in small homes. They are barely ten mmeters long and consist of two rooms. one is the kitchen, and one serves as the bedroom

These are anceint necklaces

The Artisans were the main creatorors of all the artwork and carving u now see one the ancient pyramids. They were not allowed any recognition for their work however, as the pharaohs did not want others to steal their artisans


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