The Snack Time Table Make snack time fun

The snack Mat - Alwaysthinkpink

I don't know about you but when there is more then one child in the house screaming for drinks or snacks every 10 minutes it becomes frustrating !! I know how to settle this problem and make snack time fun and have drinks and snacks available to these children all day..

1. Have each child make their own snack mat and personalize it with their name so they know where to go to get their drink and snacks.. it's as simple as a piece of construction paper or even notebook paper. Each child writes their name on the paper mat.

2. Give each child their own cup and place a piece of scotch tape on the cup and write their name. This way they won't get confused on who's drink is who's. Place the cup filled with water or juice on their personalized mat. This way the children know where to go for their drinks and they are not screaming for you to get them one..


3. Place snacks on Table in reach of the children. On their mat they should have their own plate to put their snacks on. Everyone feeds their children different kinds of snacks. The kind of snacks are up to the parent.

Pop popcorn

Setting up the snack table with the children's personalized Mats create more calmness in the home. No more screaming for drinks and snacks.. Everything they need should be on the table. All you have to do is once in a while replenish the drinks and snack.

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