The Defense of Donna Osborn By: Noah sikes and lars hansen

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am here today to defend the name of a Donna Osborn. This woman has been wrongfully accused in the heinous act of murdering her husband, Clint Osborn. This killing while it may have been committed by the suspect in question this could hardly be called that of an unjust murder, rather it was one of self defense.

It goes without question that mr. and mrs. osborne lacked that of a, perfect relationship, and it’s also evident that Mrs. Osborn had lived the past few years of her life a battered woman. Any argument that says otherwise can be easily shut down with the dialogue provided along with Mrs. Lenore’s testimony. Considering her knowledge on the subject if she says that Mrs. Osborne fits a beaten woman’s emotional pattern then her word is good as gold. And clearly emotions have played a huge role in this case.

In her alibi Mrs Osborn makes a clear point that her child was in danger and that the abuse was having negative effects on Chip. She was afraid of what her husband would do to her and Chip and had to take things into her own hands when he started to go for the baseball bat. Anybody would go to great lengths to protect their child and by killing Clint in self defense she protected her child from him. She was doing her job as a mother and protecting her son.

If Mrs. Osborn felt like she wasn't being abused then why would she call protective services on multiple occasions? She was being threatened by her husband and reached out but because of her learned helplessness she did not want to take the final step and escape. All the “accidents” her husband was making her endure pushed her to stand up to him and take his life.

Members of the jury, please, don't make a foolish decision. An innocent woman and her child's future are in your hands.

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