My Experience in Constans Theatre BY: ZHEQI HU

Spacial experience: It's actually my first time to go to a theatre because my Chinese background. Chinese culture doesn't necessarily appreciate theatre, however, after reading so much about theatre and drama in literature and fictions, I knew the importance of drama in Western culture. When I first came in the theatre, I was led to the first row because my friends and I arrived a little early. We thought we were lucky to have the chance to be with those actors/actress that closely. The theatre is spacial and the seat is very comforting and soft. Suddenly, the lights were off, the stage was set like inside of church. I could look through a big window which was covered by colorful glass that it was snowing outside. At this time, the theatre was very quiet while all other people were waiting for the play to took place. It took us 10 mins to see the show beginning in this circumstances where everyone was quiet and respectful. I thought due to comfortable settings inside the theatre, I had an extraordinary experience. Spacial factors influence people's experience through giving them the first experience.

Social experience: I went to the theatre with two of my friends who have the same class with me. Before the drama began, we talked about our recent lives and our classes. We became quiet after the lights off and waited for the show to begin. One important reason that we stopped talking is that almost all students in the theatre kept silent when the lights were off. People in the theatre were respectful to the performers and we were influenced by their attitudes even though we were excited about the play coming up. We became respectful because other people did so. After the play, we discussed the insights of it outside the theatre. What was exciting about this is that we always shared same insights and feelings about the story. I believe that sharing is an important role in our good life because with someone whom you can share your experience with, you will be happy and become more outgoing. Sharing is also the power for us to explore the new world and experience.

The cultural and intellectual experience: In this play, I was exposed to the miserable life of people live in England in 19th century and how other people from that time viewed them. In the eyes of upper class people, lives of the poor were mysterious. They had a lot of misunderstandings about the lives the poor lived. This phenomenon gave me a lot of introspection about the society we live in. As an international students from Eastern world, I saw and heard many misleading "truths" about people live in Asia and Africa and many misinterpretations of western people in Eastern world. Those misunderstanding and misinterpretations fill up our lives and influence our perspectives towards issues around us.

The emotional experience: Yes! The play: Divine:A Play for Sarah Bernhardt is profoundly meaningful for audience to perceive and understand the world around us. We knew more about the human instincts and the formation of society. People in this play struggled for meaning of their lives in multiple ways. And they formed different perspectives towards the meaning of lives because they were from different positions of society. I understand more about the human and the human-dominant society. Also, I believed in the beauty inside human nature and appreciated that I live in a good life so far.

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