Montezuma cleanup day! By Girl Scout Troop 52843

We the Girl Scout troop are going to have a clean up day at Peru Creek campground near Montezuma on Friday, June 9th.

Our earth will be happy

A dirty earth is bad for environment that's why our Girl Scout troop wants you to help us to clean the world up on Friday June 9th.

The trash goes into our lakes which means that when we drink the water, it is way dirtier than if Earth was clean and didn't have any trash.

Bad water is bad for humans and animals. If someone drinks bad water it could make them very sick.

Please come join us on Friday, June 9th for a Montezuma campground cleanup day by the Girl Scout troop. We thank you and we are counting on you to clean our Earth .

Thank you so much from the girl scout troop!!!!!!!!( clean water ya)


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