Wieand GoKart Period 2 Green team

Above, in the bottom left corner, is the sketches and mapping of our body, and next to those images, on the right side is the final cutout of the body, and in the top left corner shows John inserting the drill holder onto the body.
Above, is Pat and John deconstructing the bike to salvage the wheels and brakes to use as a throttle.
Above is a screenshot of the code that Natalie and Lauren worked on and a picture of them working on the circuitry. In the picture, you can see lights, buttons, a speaker, and potentiometer.

Here (click on the here for video) is a video of the working speaker and the volume control.

Above is pictures of our drawing of the drill holder and John putting the final product of the drill holder on the body.
Above is our front axel and wheels (top), me lathing a piece that will allow a wheel to attach to the front axel (left), and John trimming the rotational piece for the front axel (right).
Above is the OnShape assembly with a side view and an isometric view so we can see all parts attached.
Above is a screenshot of our VCarve file

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