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At Mosmondesign, we have Stationary Design Services, that ensures our clients attract the attention they deserve. We know how to leave a lasting impression on a client.

Here are a few examples of completed works, many from government and private sectors, these projects include: Publications, Surveys, Annual Reports.

Some of the organisations are from the following: Weekend Business Review, EROS, Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), Australia-Japan Business Co-operation Committee(AJBCC), CSIRO Forestry and Forest Products.

Mosmondesign's works have been internationally acclaimed in Australia, America - USA and Japan.

Automotive logo, Weston ACT Published internationally, Creativity 27, published in USA
Eco villa, winner in the logo lounge master series vol 1. Publication, USA

Designed Posters

Map CSIRO - Circus, National Science and Technology Centre - Rowell Seminar Defence

Publications and private client projects

Magazine covers for the Business Review, 1970’s

Other publications and logos

Forestry publications CSIRO
Catholic Education Corporate Identity
Forestry publications CSIRO
EROS Publication
Mosmondesign has had many logos, crests and trademarks published in many international publications overseas including America USA, and Japan.
Creative Award for best creative firm: Vladimir Mosmondor, Client: A.R McLean

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