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About Me

Mission Statement:

Striving to find and use the God-given talents and abilities I have in order to have a positive impact in my surrounding environment.

"I am" Statement:

I am a born and raised Southern California girl who is soon to be a Liberty University college graduate. I desire to impact others through personal relationships in a positive way. I enjoy quality time and making memories with those I love. Family, friends, and Jesus Christ have shaped who I am as a person. While it is not always easy, I force myself to see the positive side of things in life instead of the negative, especially when it comes to helping others. I almost always have a smile on my face and I enjoy making new friends anywhere I go. I know that I am a daughter of the Most High God, but I sometimes need reminding of that. My path is set and lit by Him, and I need to follow His guiding. I strive to be the best person I can be. I am Anna.

History (important points):

  • Born and raised in Southern California
  • Raised in a Christian home since birth
  • A communications girl from a purely engineering family (Mom, Dad, brother, sister-in-law, and cousin)
  • Went to a private Christian school from K-12 through 12th grade
  • Involved in Youth Commission (a high school student-run mock local city council), which surrounded me with high school students that did not have Christian perspectives
  • Went to modeling school for a year, which taught me much about self-confidence and about getting along with a plethora of people
  • Attended community college, which opened my eyes up to a world I had only briefly seen throughout Youth Commission
  • Decided to attend Liberty University, which has been one of the best decisions I have made--I am about to graduate in one week (time has flown)
Family has played a huge role in my life. They have helped to mold my brand to what it is now. They have taught me to be loving, friendly, happy, outgoing, enthusiastic, motivated, and hard-working.

Inner Layer--

Values of my brand:

  1. Loyalty, Integrity, and Respect
  2. Honesty/truthfulness
  3. Quality time
  4. Close friendships
  5. Making memories
  6. Laughter

Non-negotiables to my brand:

  • I am a child of the most-high God
  • Organization and cleanliness
  • Interaction with people (aka no permanent desk job)
  • I do not/will not drink for various reasons

What differentiates my brand from another's brand?

  1. Great interpersonal relationship skills
  2. Detail-oriented and highly professional
  3. Analytically inclined, but with a creative side
  4. Able to learn and understand quickly
  5. Ability to relate/connect with a variety of people


  • Ability to relate to various people
  • Organized and analytical
  • Friendly and happy
  • Love grammar (I even correct some people's incorrect grammar--something I'm working on)
  • Attach and love deeply
  • Enjoy being surrounded by people


  • Expect too much of myself
  • Sometimes lack follow through
  • Tend to be negative and pessimistic when it comes to personal areas of difficulty
  • Too much of a people-pleaser by not standing up for what I believe in sometimes
  • Become overwhelmed at some point

Outer Layer (Fun Facts)--

Movies/TV shows I love:

(I basically speak in movie quotes half of the time, so this is an important category...)

  • Phantom of the Opera and lots of other musicals
  • Rocketman (my nerdy and "science-y" side)
  • El Dorado (animated version)
  • Harry Potter (all of them)
  • Tangled and Beauty and the Beast
  • Merlin and Sherlock (BBC)
  • Psych, Castle, and Once Upon a Time

Random facts about my brand: "I love..."

  • Nautical items--like anchors
  • Sparkles/Glitter (but classy, not kiddish)
  • Sprinkles (especially in ice cream and on cakes)
  • Mint blue/green and coral (the pink/orange kind)
  • Calligraphy (beautiful handwriting)--love looking at it, but never attempted writing
  • High heels (this was even before modeling, but the love has only grown)

Areas of my brand that continually need work:

  • Choose to be selfless in all areas
  • Choose to not stifle personal creativity
  • Choose to be more passionate
  • Choose to use my God-given talents for Him
  • Choose to be genuine in all aspects of my brand and not put up a facade

Personal threats to my brand:

Through this period of transition as college finishes, I have put threats on my brand. I have a fear of the unknown, so I am uncertain of what is going to happen after college. I do not want to miss any Earthly opportunities, but the Lord knows the plans for my life. I need to trust and have faith in Him.

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

Struggles will occur just as almost every brand encounters, but it is what I do with those struggles and experiences that helps strengthen my personal brand.

External Brand Research from Level 1-4 Connections:

Descriptive words: friendly, enthusiastic, teachable, sweet, caring, people-person, sincere, easy-going, kind, attentive, humble, and approachable

Traits and values of my brand: family-oriented, results-oriented, group focused (but independent when necessary), others-focused rather than self-focused, confident in self-presentation (aka poised)

Visible challenges my brand has overcome: insecurities because of self-esteem problems (has grown the brand into confidence and character), new transitions (has held core values all the way through the experiences)

Where I see opportunities in the marketplace for my brand:

At this point in time, I can see my brand growing, flourishing, and thriving in an interpersonal and organizational position. I love relationships and organization, so being able to put these two skills together in a certain company would be preferable for me. I would love to be the hypothetical bridge between dissimilar people in order to help them work together in an organized and profitable way.

Being able to connect different companies or departments to one another in order to better communicate would make me feel as if I am doing something bigger than myself.

Another place I could see my brand thriving would be in the area of representation. I would love to use my strengths and interests of traveling, scheduling, leading, analyzing to be the face of a company to the public. This type of position would also allow me to work with groups of people, which I enjoy doing.

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end."


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