Children in the Elizabethan age. by jordan vanness

Who raised children?

-Wealthy children we often raised by governess's or tutors because their family members were often too busy working.(Grendler 417)

-Peasant children were raised by their parents most boys went to work with their fathers because that is the job they would most likely get. While girls would stay home and help their mom with house chores.

The infant mortality rate.

The infant mortality rate is 20-40% before their first birthday and only 50% of those survive past the age 10. The main reason is lack of adequate medical care and the children's weak immune system. While peasant children mortality rate was much higher due to the close living space and lack of cleanliness also because the parents couldn't afford to have a doctor over (Grendler 234).

More wealthy family's mourned their child's death then poorer family's because in peasant family's it is more common for children to die before 10 because they can't afford a doctor while for more wealthy family's they often blame the doctor for the child's death.

Education for children.

Most schools intended for children were sexually segregated because women had a different role in society then men. Mostly wealthy children went to school because often it was too expensive or children had to work to support their family and the kids who didn't go to school were taught by their parents because that's what there most likely to do when their older. At best parents could hope to wed their daughters into a wealthier family.(Jones 34)

How children act.

The few peasant children who went to school were expected to act as if they were their father and could be punished as if the teacher was their parent.

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