Reagan's Presidential journey An economy in progress...

Economical- The theory of Reaganomics valued the trickle down theory and supply side economics

The Trickle Down Theory aided the wealthy with tax breaks depriving the dependant lower class of welfare and free money.
Supply side economics makes the price goes down so that is appeals to more people. Then more people buy the products creating deflation. More jobs are produced.

What was going on socially?

  • Aids
  • War on Drugs
  • Education
  • Womens Rights
  • Wealth Gap
  • Civil Rights

1) Aids- The epidemic grew and more attention went to research, to the gay community, and to drug users.

2) Drug Abuse “WAR ON DRUGS” Should drugs be legal? Nancy Reagan introduces "Just Say NO" Champaign to encourage youth to stay away from drugs. We built more rehab centers and increased the consequences for getting caught with drugs.

3) Education “Nation at risk” - Are American education standards up to par compared to more industrial companies? This results in longer school days, more homework, and an extended school year

4) Women Rights- Abortion is legalized in 1973. (Roe vs Wade) Some states said this was not morally correct so the laws in each states varied. Women's Jobs- In 1982 the Equal Rights Amendment was defeated.

5) Wealth Gap- Homeless vs Rich. The top 1/5 income increased by 23% while the bottom 1/5 stayed almost unchanged at only a 9% increase. Peer pressure resulted as a consequence of the wealth gap in schools. What you wear and what you do determine how cool you are.

6) Civil Rights- Under Reagan African Americans are elected local and state positions. He also appointed conservative judges who overlooked Civil Rights ended affirmative action programs.

Each picture represents a category of the social issues of the 80's


💥The Iran-Contra Scandal Exposed💥

What were the contra?- People that were against the Sandinistas. Are used rape executions, and went after health care facilities. Reagan supports them because he believes that they are anti-communist.
  • 35% increase in military budget
  • We attempt to help Nicaragua with their issues
  • In the Iran-Contra scandal weapons were secretly sold to Iran by Poindexter and Oliver North to fulfill needs of Iran and the US
  • Excess profits from weapons deals went to the contras

This all resulted in a debate on whether congress or the president had more power over foreign affairs

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