The Secret to Burgers is Butter!!

I have two loves in this life. Food and TV. (Don't we all?) So obviously, the best burger I ever tasted happened to come from my favorite cooking show. And obviously, I'll never be able to make burgers any other way again. Drat! So let me clue you in...

My favorite show documents Steven Raichlen's travels the world-round, learning how to grill in many strikingly different ways. Mr Raichlen's show presented a cheese filled burger during one delicious episode and with that single suggestion, culinary genius was born (Okay maybe genius is exaggerated but I digress). "Why not fill that cavity with melted butter?!", I pondered aloud. And here we are: Stuffed Burgers with Butter and Fresh Herbs.

These burgers are incredibly juicy, with the butteriest (that's a word right?!), herb filled center you could hope for. They are an absolute favorite in my house for those American summer holidays and they don't take 4 score and 7 years to prepare! Without any special ingredients—just the normal stuff: beef, salt, pepper and a little pat of herbed butter, this recipe delivers a meal that is definitely drool worthy in just 10 minutes flat. Doesn't hurt when you get to prepare them into a jaw-dropping JennAir kitchen either huh?! Ready for the play by play? Let's goooo!!

Don't want to read it all? Watch our tutorial below!

Herb-Garlic Butter

3 tablespoons finely chopped mixed fresh herbs (choose from parsley,basil,oregano or chive)

1 garlic clove, minced

1⁄2 cup salted butter, softened


1 1⁄2 lbs ground sirloin or ground round or ground chuck

coarse salt

black pepper

6 hamburger buns

melted butter


Prep: Place all the herbs, garlic, pepper, and butter in a small mixing bowl and beat with a wooden spoon until soft. Roll herb butter into cylinder shape within plastic wrap, twisting the ends to compress the butter. Chill the butter in the refrigerator or freeze until firm.

Burger Preparation:

Make burger patties as usual, creating a well in the center of each with your hands.

Unwrap formed butter and cut into pats.

Form hamburger patty fully around one butter disc, pressing gently to seal the disc into the center of the meat.

Place burgers on hot grill pan/grill grate. Grill burgers until cooked to preferred doneness, (about 5 to 7 minutes per side for medium-done).

Brush buns with melted herb butter and toast for a few seconds.

Serve with any toppings of your choice.

Now mangiare!!! And tell me if this isn't the best damn cheeseburger you've ever made. I'll wait.

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Cheryl Steacker-Laws


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