Good Life nature Activity at FLMNH MADE BY SEUNG LEE

This is when I first initially entered the museum

Nature on display

The mammoth fossil that stood tall when I first entered the museum was eye catching to say the least. The museum was well-organized based on category so it was very easy and comfortable to view. The butterfly section was placed in one area while the fossil section was grouped in another area. This made the transition smooth as I moved from one art (information) piece to another. And the way things were grouped together made it much more enjoyable as a spectator to view a single category of thing instead of being bombarded with multiple different natural art pieces. By visiting the museum, my appreciation towards nature grew stronger after seeing all the different types of beautiful butterflies. In another setting, I most likely would not have acquired such a sense of beauty towards nature.

Nature and ethics

The museum delivered a sense of wonder and appreciation towards nature, as I witnessed fossils and beautiful butterflies in the butterfly garden. I felt a refreshing sensation after I came out the museum, almost as if I had taken a shower, except with my mind's eye. Other people visiting the museum seemed to have had similar reactions to mine as the beauties of nature fascinated everyone else as well. Far before visiting the museum, I believed that it was a part of my responsibility to take care of mother Earth before things got out of hand, so visiting the museum only reinforced that belief for me.

A butterfly I was careful not to step on

Nature and the human spirit

The natural history museum shows us a part of nature that we are not exposed to due to us living in a human civilization with human infrastructures. This unseen side of nature helps the audience realize that nature is a beautiful thing, and it reinforces their people's love for nature. The nature setting at the museum shows us our roots, and how we should do all that we can to preserve nature and bring it to prosperity, not only for our sake, but for our fellow earthlings, animals as well.

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