kangaroo brody erickson

. kangaroos come from the ‎macropodidae famly and they have groups of mobs.

. the kangaroos live in Australia and eat grass

.they first appered 33000 years before the modern area

kangaroos are related too wallabies and wallaroos.they are just smaller versions of a kangaroo

the kangaroo is laying down in the grass while the sun point down at him
the kangaroo is sitting down with the sun pointing down at her

kangaroos are molecular because of the type of gene it has.

vestigial structure

Sthenurines evolved in Australia around 13 million years ago but then going extinct 30,000 years before the modern day.

kangaroos have the same legs as humans but they are just modified to be able to jump more.

this kangaroo looks like it has its tail under him so it does not get hurt

transitional fossils

they are small rat kangaroos.
this is a bone that kangaroos don't have because of they evolved to what they are today

it is different in it's current form because the old form had a toe connect to the other part of the toe and now they are split apart from that part of the toe.

kangaroos can be related to koalas because they are both marsupials just a different form of ancestor

comparative embryology

It provides information on evolution because it shows how the animals have evolved to what they are today and how they work


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