Italian Wall Lizards alejandro barajas

Adaptations - small brown lizard with body sizes between 3 and 4 inches and tails of equal or greater length, the undersides are uniform white or cream but they are colored patterning on the back is highly variable, sometimes with some stripes, spots, or solid colors

what causes these adaptations - well it may be were they like to live at in complex habitats with lush grasses and shrubs. it is known for living at high densities in human-dominated landscapes, particularly on walls and they will often be seen basking on a rock walls or wooden fences with nearby hiding spots

Examples of evolution - In 1971, biologists moved five adults pairs of Italian wall lizards from their home island of Pod Mrcaru, Now, an international team of researchers has shown that introducing these small, green-backed lizards, Podarcis sicula, to a new environment causes them to undergo rapid and large-scale evolutionary changes

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Alex Barajas

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