IPARKS stands in partnership with its members in the most challenging of times, like the one we face with COVID-19.
All IPARKS members are receiving a return check for 10% of their net 2019 contribution, to assist with risk management efforts related to COVID-19 and related loss of income. With an unprecedented crisis such as this, IPARKS wants to do its part to ease some of the burden each entity may have, so they can focus on the day to day.

The success of our program, and its foundation for over 29 years, is the partnership we share with IPARKS members and we are proud and privileged to serve you. We will continue to communicate with you throughout the duration of the crisis and provide support services so that we can stay safer together. Please visit www.iparks.org for further updates on services and resources.


In addition, we want to assure you that the IPARKS team is fully remote capable and remains ready to assist you in any way.
  • Claims: Marjie Akers. Email: makers@iparks.org Phone: 866-964-6257 Fax: 800-693-9610
  • Risk Management: Jason Johnston. Email: jjohnston@iparks.org Phone: 815-275-7886
  • Member Services: Hillary Waddle. Email: hillary@iparks.org Phone: 217-766-3871
  • Member Services: Ryan Pnakovich. Email: rpnakovich@bfgroup.com Phone: 800-748-0554
  • Member Services: John Labanow. Email: jlabanow@bfgroup.com Phone: 800-748-0554
  • Member Services: Wendy French. Email: wfrench@bfgroup.com Phone: 800-748-0554