Ranking the Ming Dynasty Using Persia

The Ming dynasty most remembered contribution was in Art

Many of these works of art were made to be very personal to the artist who were known as scholars making each work as beautiful as possible.

Through out the years the Ming dynasty was most known for making the most beautiful arts and pottery through the many dynasty that China came over. The scholars that made these works of art took years from learning from the universities that focused on the art of China. In the universities each student would develop a unique style of drawing, painting or sculpting. This kept the Ming dynasty's art special due to the art not being the similar style, each painter would craft a painting with a different style , structure and color. The writing was also improved in the art classes with the langue being improved to keep the art world growing. Usually most of the art work that was shown was pottery that is still as beautiful as it was a long time ago. The viewer can see all the detail that was added in making these works to make the pot or case look different from the other pots. Truly the effort made into making these artworks have caused the Ming dynasty to become the most remembered in art.

The miNG dynasty least exceled in the Political stand

Taking away the role of Prime Minster changed the government system in China by letting the emperor to obtain all the power.

The emperor of the Ming dynasty Zeng he was a major commander in battle and the navy creating a major advancemnet for China giving them more power over new lands. Although the true side to how the Ming dynasty ruled was seemingly much harsher due to changing the governmental system. Removing the title of Prime minister and letting the emperor to have almost all the power. Although the emperor wasn't always like this most rulers wanted to expaned the empire due to having many advantages. Expect that a majority of the emperors during the Ming dynasty took the government to take a turn for the worst. From the fleet of ships that were burned along with books or scribes that held knowledge of the expansion

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